How to coordinate the accessories with the look?

Pair the color of your accessory with the color of your top

I occasionally struggle to select the appropriate item for my attire. However, the secret to choosing the right one for me is to consider the color of my top or shoes. I frequently go for an accent that matches their hue.

Try it. It’s a big assistance.

My preferred piece of jewelry is a purse. Although it’s challenging, I try to purchase purses (or backpacks) in neutral colors because they’re simpler to match with other items.

I now own a crossbody purse in the colors of black and brown. However, I also have the pink version, which isn’t quite neutral. I was so in love with it that I bought it. Guess what, though? I don’t actually use it.

Look at the neckline of your top.

Wearing a lengthy necklace with your attire is a wonderful choice if the clothing you are wearing covers your neck completely. It will appear more completed and advanced as a result.

Scoop neck dresses, blouses, and tops may all be accessorized with a spectacular necklace.

It is generally advisable to pair a statement necklace with a turtleneck while wearing one. That’s because turtlenecks are typically pretty straightforward. It thus requires extra accessories.

If your shirt has off-shoulders, you should wear it with a short necklace that also has a snug fit around the neck.

Select silver or gold jewelry.

Gold has a warmer undertone than silver, which is regarded as a cold metal.

Therefore, it is preferable to wear silver jewelry with cooler tones like blue. However, you can accessorize with gold jewelry if you are wearing brown clothing.

When there are three primary colors and three secondary colors, I’ve previously mentioned that. You will receive three cold and three warm hues if you cut them in half like in the illustration.

Warm colors include red, yellow, and orange, whereas cool hues include purple, blue, and green.

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